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Woodhead on Spliffbreaks

29 September 2015

@Spliffbreaks asked to interview me @basscoastproj. I said yes, as long as we did the interview in the mobile sauna. At first they were a little worried about the camera getting salty and steamy. In the end they risked their expensive recording equipment and went for it. Watch the interview here:

"While during our visit to the 2015 Bass Coast Music Festival, we had the chance to interview Darren Woodhead or simply known to many as, Woodhead. Being the veteran in the House/Techno and Festival scenes in Vancouver and surrounding areas of British Columbia that he is, his insight on not only music but also the festival culture on a whole is in depth and extensive. Spliff Breaks was lucky enough to soak up some of those experiences with him during our time spent at this amazing festival.

Woodhead and John Zee discuss mobile saunas and The Sauna Sessions, the Vancouver Electronic music scene/community, Woodhead's early days and the Soundwave Festival (Tofino, B.C.), differences from earlier party days to more current music festivals, what excites Woodhead about the current rave scene and much more.."

Host / Producer: John Zee
Twitter X Instagram X Facebook: @spliffbreaks

Filmed by Spencer Rieu and Paddy Lane - http://www.tmmedia.ca/

Video edited by: Spencer Rieu

Twitter: @DarrenWoodhead

Bass Coast:
Instagram X Twitter: @BassCoastProj
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BassCoastFes...

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Posted up in front of my turntables and a small pile of records, this is what came out.


Lamont Booker - My House Music (hardcore) Not
Paxton Fettel - She's Alright
HNNY - Oma Doris
Pools - 3rd Eye (Luvless Rmx)
Phil Week - Bad Chance
HNNY - Nothing
Silk 86 - Felicity
Italo Johnson - No. 09
Borrowed Identity - Tenebra
Frits Wentink - Angela Saliva
Sleazy McQueen - Now You Know (Century Remix)
Nightbraker - Who’s Your Dede
Chaos In The CBD - Luxury Motivation
M. Landsky - Wild People
CTEPEO ’57 - Kackworsthouse

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late-night-business- vol 3.png

Sometimes you just have to pour some whiskey, turn the lights down low, press record and start djing. This mix features favorite selections from some of my late night playlists this summer. Thanks for listening to my music!


01. Secondcity - I Wanna Feel (Cristoph remix)
02. Borrowed Identity - Addictive
03. Eskuche Nu Sky - The Future
04. PBR Streetgang - Move On, Don't Want Me
05. Mia Dora - Raw Kiss
06. Ruben Mandolini - Abduction
07. Pluto - Grange Road West (Boxia remix)
08. Soledrifter - A Word On Music
09. Svida - Freerider
10. Cristoph - Reachin'
11. Waifs & Strays - Work On You
12. PBR Streetgang - Move On, Don't Want Me
13. Tato - Acamon
14. Waifs & Strays - Beat On The Drums
15. Wouter De Moor & Mulder - Rubato
16. Copy Paste Soul - On Point
17. Huxley - Diesel
18. HeavyFeet - Collect_All & Rave (Joyce Muniz remix)
19. Tom Budden - Shouldn't Be Here
20. Majora - Cougar
21. Landis LaPace - Zesty Nachos (hard mix)

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Always a great time sippin caesars and playing tunes on The Drive.

Woodhead at Recovery Room June 22 2015 by Woodhead on Mixcloud

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Got a decent recording of my set last Saturday. Thank you to everyone that joined us to celebrate The Body language launch at the all new Beaumont Studios. Listen on Mixcloud here:

Woodhead at Body Language 17 The Beaumont Studios, May 22 2015 by Woodhead on Mixcloud

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Had a great time playing this opening set in The Projection Room at Fox.
Check it out on Mixcloud here:

Woodhead at Trans American Sounds live dj set at Fox Cabaret Feb 6th 2015 by Woodhead on Mixcloud

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Warm up mix for Endless Summer this Saturday night in Victoria at The Gallery. Hosted by: Innergroove, Chinatown Events, Deepend Promotions.

Join us for a night of great music and great people to recap an amazing summer, one to remember. We will be celebrating J-Feud & Zech Inkster's birthdays so the party is sure to be going off.


01. DJ_Steef - Insided(original mix)
02. Only Fools & Norse's - Inflation
03. Dan Solo/Future Feelings - I Feel Nothing
04. Love Thang (Genius Of Time Re-Edit)
05. IKE - Garagen (SoulPhiction edit)
06. Daniel Solar - Cookie_Dough (original mix)
07. Detroit Swindle - Me, Myself & You
08. Art Of Tones - I Don't Think That's Music
09. OOFT! - Whistle_Time
10. Pete Herbert - Say What You Want (Dicky Trisco version)
11. Borrowed Identity - Shake
12. Phil Weeks - Show You Love (4 U Dancers mix)
13. Frits Wentink - Shrewd
14. Kevin Yost - Messing With My Soul
15. SoulPhiction - Mind & Body
16. Phoenix Knight - Private Eye
17. Ruben Mandolini - Abduction
18. Youandewan - FM Jam
19. Soft House Company - What You Need (Enzo Elia Balearic Gabba edit)

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Andy Soloman uploaded this mix yesterday to get us ready for his set this Saturday at Body Language. This man has got a talent for digging up amazing music you need to hear.

Mukat Afro Disco Boogie Edits - Funk Is What You Want (Edit)
NY Edits 4 - Untitled
Telex - Raised By Snakes (Joseph Watt Mix)
Fritz Zander - When The Lights Went Out
The Glue - Q
Cuthead - Transgressions
ESB - Two Is A Cloud
Bjorn Torske - Bergensere
Awanto3 - You Made Me Change Of Heart
Galcher Lustwerk - Chillin In The Booth
Munk - Nigerian Jam
Maurice Fulton - Moo That Rocked The Electric Chair
Peace Division - Club Therapy (Dan Ghenacia Remix)
Mic Mills - Wonderland (Edit)

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New mix up i performed for Future Classics on a Pioneer DDJ-SR with MP3s I downloaded from the internetz. Welcome to the present future. This one's for all the lovers out there.


01. Dpat - Bloom
02. Heartbeat(s) x 8PRN - Wait
03. Sango - Here With Me
04. B-flat - Vacant Affect
05. husky - science of sleep (lakim-rework)
06. Equator Club - Believe Me
07. Tours - Tough Lately
08. Flume - Sleepless (Charles Murdoch Remix)
09. Yahtzel - Girls
10. Letherette - Cold Clam
11. Hayden James - Permission To Land (Charles Murdoch Remix)
12. LiL TexAS - My Love (Lockah Remix)
13. Abjo - TMRW
14. XXYYXX - Witching Hour
15. Druid Coak - Blue Flame
16. Mura Masa - U Me
17. 1point5 - Peanut Butter VIP
18. Abjo - Hyaku Man (one million)
19. Stwo - Money Tree$
20. Flying lotus - Puppet Talk

Facebook - www.facebook.com/TheWoodhead
Soundcloud - @woodhead
Twitter - www.twitter.com/darrenwoodhead

Future Classics:
Facebook - www.facebook.com/futureclassics.ca
Soundcloud - @futureclassics
Twitter - www.twitter.com/_FutureClassics
Hype Machine - www.hypem.com/blog/future+classics/19208
Website - www.futureclassics.ca

Hard link: http://www.saunasessions.ca/mp3/Woodhead-Future-Classics-Winter-Mix-2014...

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The first of my new podcast series highlighting music and styles i don't normally play out at clubs. Recorded in my living room while day dreaming. Track list below:

Day Dreams Podcast Vol. 1 by Woodhead on Mixcloud

01- Milton jackson - Don't Worry About The Drums
02. Axel Boman - Purple Drank
03. Sandrow M - The Three Trees
04. Borrowed Identity - Dans La Nuit
05. Autem - Syno
06. Kink - Bitter Sweet
07. Leon Vynehall - I Get Mine, You Get Yours
08. Medlar - terell (Biceps Brooklyn Shuffle)
09. Melja - Fortune
10. Chez Damier - Untitled
11. Bicep - Stripper
12. Romanthony - Bring U Up (PBR Streetgang Remix)
13. Laberge - Falling Away (Chris James Re-Dream Remix)
14. Martijn - FYI
15. Say Lou Lou - Julian (HNNY Remix)
16. Ross Couch - Somebody Like You
17. Pezzner - Blacklist (Stimming Remix)
18. Lee Foss - Warriors
19. Martyn - What Is Room 101
20. Tom Demac - In Your Eyes (Wolf + Lamb Remix)
21. Lovebirds - The Rain (Steve Bug Remix)
22. Pepe Bradock - Deep Burnt


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Recorded Live on CJMP in Powell River last Friday.

The following all are words from WOODHEAD'S bio:

... institution, cut, punk, mates. Sauna, somewhere, hugely, stage, fabled, present, aplomb. Famous, wants, want, digits, studio, having, stalwarts, co-organizes, true, rave, guaranteed, bring, wooden, box, rugged, coast? Clyphs, Homebreakin...






homebreakin.com (Punchout!)

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Put a quick mix together for Manuscript Recs. featuring some of my favorite tracks of late 2013.

01. Detroit Swindle - The Break Up
02. Pablo Valentino - One (Detroit Swindle Perspective)
03. Hot Natured - Reverse Skydiving (Low Steppa Regroove)
04. Palace - Dreamscape
05. Celsius - Incoming
06. Mj Cole - Sincere (Tanka's Birthday Booty)
07. Animist - Tin Head Bump
08. Toyboy & Robin - Jaded
09. Storm Queen - Look Right Through (GotSome Animal Style VIP Remix)
10. Bloc Party - Montreal (Ejeca Remix)
11. Celsius - Must Be You
12. DJ Haus - Trumpet & Badman
13. Squarehead - No One Has To Know

hard link:

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Blenda - Slow Jamz Vol 1 Mix

27 September 2013

Download Blenda's new mix on the SC.

Set List:

Brandy - Do You Know What You Have?
Roses Gabor - Night Sky
Brenmar - Be The One
Nguzunguzu - Mirage (Brenmar remix)
Nguzunguzu - Timesup (Kingdom Remix)
INOJ - Love You Down (eSenTRIK Remix)
Kyhrye-oo - Give In (For the Fame) [Dj Sliink Remix]
Durkin - y don't u
KP & Envyi - Shorty Swing My Way (B. Bravo Remix)
Raziek - I Can Do It
BWANA - Baby Let Me Finish
Usher - Climax (flosstradamus and diplo remix)
The Weekend (Ellie Goulding Cover) - High For This (Sliink X Kiff Remix)
The Weekend - What_You_Need (Prison_Garde_808_EDIT)
D'Angelo - Left & Right (Moodprint Remix)
Tinahe - Boss (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
Atu - The Duo ft. Sango
Ta-Ku - I Love Beyonce
TInashe - Let You Love Me (XXYYXX Remix)
Py & Damu - Blind
Atu - What You Like
Speechless Music - Breezin' (ft Tonye Agana)

Hard link: http://www.saunasessions.ca/mp3/Blenda_Slow_Jamz_Vol_1.mp3

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Tunes that went over at my sets at Resonance, Bass Coast and Shambhala this summer. Thanks all those that made it to my sets!

Track List:

01. Marcin Czubala - Immediately Above (Audiojack's Basement Boogie)
02. Gorgon City - Freeze
03. Low Steppa - Up All Night
04. Ongaku - Beyond This
05. Second City - My House
06. Jay Robinson - Knuckle
07. Last Magpie - Roots
08. TK - X-Track
09. Mak & Pasteman - Block 221
10. Max Ulis & Subcorr - Light Anotha
11. Kry Wolf - Bluffin (Benton Remix)
12. BareSkin - Eyes
13. Bigredbutton - Take Me Higher
14. Ongaku - Underground
15. Alden Tyrell & Gerd - Luv Thang feat. Jess Allen
16. Real Connoisseur - What Do You Know
17. RackNRuin - Hackney Heat
18. Knee Deep in Louise (Shadow Child remix)
19. Jamie Jones - Tonight In Tokyo feat. Luca C (Breach remix)
20. ?? - ??
21. Klaves - Hope It Gets To Love (Fault Lines remix)
22. Squarehead - Close (CDBL Remix)
23. Leon Vynehall - Homage

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