Killer sauna weekend

Killer sauna weekend

09 August 2010

This is like the international sauna super weekend. First, we have the sauna sitting championships in Finland where the finals got so intense one Russian guy died and the Finn got taken to the hospital in critical condition (but totally victorious?). Also this weekend was the Teuva mobile sauna festival now in it's 4th year I think, and things are heating up. Latvia comes back from nowhere (since Ponijpirts dissapeared) with two stellar entries including this pirate ship sauna. We're still waiting for more photos! And of course here in East Van the sauna was as hot as the freestyle session. Stupid HSTax just raised the price of a tank of propane, I think we're gonna just start plugging the mics into the sauna stove from now on. Might get too hot though, we don't want to kill anyone.

Posted by karlis

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