Podcast: Woodhead at Car Free Vancouver @BeaumontGallery Stage (@carfreeYVR)


When it comes to playing music on the streets in the summer time, I love hearing the sounds of disco, funk and soul. I've had this crate of fine edits piling up over the dark months of the rainy season and was pretty excited to play them through the Beaumont Stage sound system this Sunday at Car Free Vancouver on Main St. It all starts off with the newest 45 release on Edmonton label Common Edits. Full track list below.

01. Common Edit #4
02. Skipworth & Turner - Thinkin About Your Love (Fingermanedit)
03. Change - A Lover's Holiday (Cyclist Edit)
04. Al Green - That's The Way It Is (Dave Allison Edit)
05. Feeling So Good Today (Rayko Edit)
06. Gazeebo - Red Hearts
07. Rufus - Tonight We Love (Fingermanedit)
08. Beggar & Co. - (Somebody) Help Me Out [Elitechnique Remix]
09. The Sly Players - On The Floor
10. Travmatic - What You Feel
11. COLLINS, Elijah/TEE J - I Used To Feel Alright
12. Johhny Cash - Personal Jesus (RAYKO EDIT)


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