Clyphs Bass Coast EP free Bandcamp DL


This three song mini Ep is inspired by Bass Coast Festival. We're amped to be playing music there in August. Bring on summer!

Vancouver’s Clyphs make music to win raves to. Download Clyphs The Bass Coast EP for free via Bandcamp:
Comprised of festival heavyweights Woodhead and S2, the pair log more hours on the rave circuit than there are in a year. Seasoned veterans of B.C.’s big three, Shambhala, Soundwave(RIP) and Bass Coast, as well as the Vancouver and Nelson nightlife scenes respectively, Clyphs are well aware of what music sounds best at 6 in the morning, drinking a vodka-gin out of a wine bottle and wearing a wedding dress. Naturally, they have titled their new collection of tunes the Bass Coast EP. Look for a seven track album coming soon from the illustrious Homebreakin’ Records.
Drawing influence from the best of garage, vocal house, and techno, with enough analog synths to make Giorgio Moroder look like a hobo, the two have created a sound perfect for winding the party up, or gearing it down. I mean, Clyphs were meant to be jumped off, right?

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