Spiltmilk - Theories EP (Free DL)


Spiltmilk has just emerged from the lab with an amazing collection of tunes. For the betterness of humanity, he's made all the experiments available for free download off his Soundcloud. Go snap it up!

Hey all friends- I just posted a FREE EP to my soundcloud - most of the tracks samples are full of stuttering scientists. The reason for these collection of songs is to bring awareness towards our personal ignorance of Canada and world's scientific truths. We continue use the money system as an excuse to destroy our world. In Canada, our conservative government has cancelled most government funded research that does not lead to profit. We also muzzle our scientists when they try to speak out against industries that poison our lands, waters, and our food supply.

We continue to poison ourselves with our own chemicals, GMO, and by using non-organic unnatural processes. We are in total awareness that we are just killing ourselves and every other plant and creature on this planet. If you think of the world as an entire whole organism, there is not a single person who would disagree with the fact that we are one very unhealthy and dying individual.

Its time regain awareness of our wholeness as one earth and stop using our own personal wealth as the excuse to ignore the truth.

Thank you for all of your listening and enjoyment and support!

Trevor Wyatt - Spiltmilkhttps://soundcloud.com/djspiltmilk/sets/spiltmilk-theories-ep

Posted by woodhead

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