PHASE OUT tonight at 303 Columbia


I'm playing at 12-1am. Get off the couch and get your ass down there :)

Last time I played at 303 Columbia was New Music Waste 2002. Not going to be playing bass and pouring beer all over myself this time...maybe.

This Sunday Nov 23rd will be the second installation of PHASE OUT at 303 Columbia.

I'm playing at 12-1am

"A night dedicated to bringing everyone onto the dance floor with the freshest jams you've probably never heard! We'll be sending the club off through clouds, waves and out into space. Showcasing our local beat makers, studio heads and tastemakers.

This week we've got some good good producers, who will keep you moving all night with their finest good good tracks.

James Deen

Darren Woodhead

Jesse Bru

Kalibo Music


Posted by woodhead

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