Beats of Strength :: 2 Room, Festivus Winter Jam @ The Waldorf this Friday


Looking forward to re-uniting with the finest of Festivus, one of my favorite summer festivals. I'll be playing music with Ryan Wells. Don't miss it!

"Join a 14 DJ, "Festivus All Stars" roster for 2 ROOMS of music, jacked full of your favourite dance floor movers.

With the cold weather outside, we are calling out to all our Festi-family to bring your warm Festi-vibes and favourite Festi-memories and share some holiday cheer."

Line-up ::

Woodhead vs Ryan Wells
Briser G vs Matt Hudolin
Andy Clockwork vs Patrick Kelly - "Heros of Awesometown"
Expo vs J-Feud
Jesse Hills vs The Sly Virus
Jimmy Haslam vs Todd Wautier - "Clinical Trials"
Mike Arnold

Pre-sale tickets for this MASSIVE Jam available starting Weds online or at The BASSment - Tom Lee Music to save service charges

$15 advanced / more at the door

Special, "The Gift of Festivus" tickets will be available Dec 12th for $80.

>Festivus Summer Music Festival & Beats of Strength
**** that's like paying only $60 for Festivus *** CRAZY!!! ****

GOF - Pre-sale will continue until Christmas. Direct or e-Transfer only.
What better gift for that special person on your list-ivus?

Posted by woodhead

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