Application Audio's Kitchen Sync


Tonight we're going to try to beat match two rooms of music at VAL

My set is a 2am

"Lets try something new.

Application Audio, in collaboration with Vancouver Art and Leisure presents...
★ Kitchen Sync ★
A new sound+art project by Application Audio

Application Audio, the Westcoast's leading supplier of dank sound, has come up with this crazy idea of synching two rooms together in an inception level brain loop of follow the leader. Thankfully we know a tonne of dj's that just might have the skills to make it work.... Check it:

There will be 2 rooms isolated from each other with a dj in each room. Each DJ has a stereo feed from the other room and the goal is to keep their set in time and on beat to the other room.
The DJ will be able to monitor the other room via one stereo channel of his/her mixer. The audience will not hear that channel unless the DJ decides to bring that feed in to the mix. The DJs need to work together to keep their sets sync'd to each other. Their music might be completely free of elements from the other room, or it might constitute a blend of elements from the other room. Essentially the audience will experience a synchronized blend of environments while transitioning from room to room or standing in the threshold of both rooms.

The sound systems are physically the same distance from the shared entrance, so the physical delays will match in the area that both systems are heard, meaning that for once that area will sound really cool. (which is where i would want to be all night)

We will set tempo rules and time lines for both rooms to simplify the execution of this concept.

Superstar lineup to be announced as the show approaches

We are expecting some of the biggest local names to join this experiment!

To participate:
Please send a PM with your information and any time restrictions that you may have to Jules Atkinson, and she will coordinate with Darby (Application Audio's Lead Director) to organize set times.
Please include your lowest and highest BPM range to properly match you to a DJ in the other room.

This is going to be an very experimental evening. Cover will be a sliding scale. Just like the BPM's we will be matching your cover charge to you.

Cover charge goes towards Application Audio to help it to continue to subsidize alternative events and spaces like Vancouver Art and Leisure.


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