Birthday Party for LEO at Beaumont


Astrologically, if you believe is such things, and the Beaumont does…

People are attracted to the Beaumont Leo’s. We have a zest for life and are extremely warm and give good natured energy towards all the people in our life. Our enthusiasm is what attracts people to us. The Leo's of the Beaumont are social butterflies, not because we want to be, but because people always naturally gravitate and embrace our quirky sweetness. You can try not to like a Beaumont Leo, chances are you’ll fail, its hard not like us because we just can't stop adorning you with our sweet cuddly nature.

While we tend to be fairly balanced and we are totally realistic, the fact that we are hosting a giant party for ourselves is merely another attempt play with maul our friends on the dance floor. We are the Beaumont Leo's and but we do this event without the vanity of your run of the mill Leo.

Some Leos might be too caught up in themselves and be self-centred, but the Beaumont Leo's, not us, at the end of the day, we are never too self-absorbed to exclude a Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces energy to come out and play.

Beaumont Leo's can lift up other's spirits and provide encouragement when times are rough, so if your birthday is way off in a lame ass month like rainy February, we can cheer up your birthday blues and offer you some honorary cat ears, or even a scratch ya in the tail region, see if that motivates you.

Beaumont Leo can help anyone in need, call us for costume ideas, or ways you might honour your own special LEO. Leo’s like to pamper their friends and treat them well and we loooove to get pampered right back. Imagine the excitement of surprising a fellow unknowing LEO with a BEAUMONT LEO PARTY.

A Beaumont Leo is an ultimate friend. We never hold a grudge and we are very forgiving, even if you've missed this event in the past, we will show you the ropes when you get here.

We have respect and understanding of people’s differences and that is why we want you all to come and celebrate us in your own your astrological way. So come play with a ball of string with us. or a bottle of something.

10th annual
Friday August 21st from 9:45-3:30
come one come all.

1 Decade of Leo parties-
from the jungle to the safari, where will the Beaumont Leos take you this year. …

Ferociously leading you all into the party, at 9:45pm the amazing Lion Tamer…. D J Woodhead,

Then pouncing onto the stage, one of the mightiest LEOs himself, Steven J Hornung a fearless 10 year Lion King.

After that, the majestic, the pride of the lion, the soft like a kitten,his one and only DJ Deary Kay Tellame..

and then to close out with a thunderous ROAR, Leo Lover and purrfect closer for the night, Ryan Wells….

As always, beaumont will be selling ‘sexy all night long’
what will you be selling, your purr or your roar? Will you win the best 'Roar Competition' or do you have the best pounce in town.

Proceeds from this years Kissing Booth will be donated to Paws for a Cause. To learn more about signing up for the Booth and to get a chance to win 50% of the proceeds at that booth, write PM to The Beaumont Studios we'll get you in the know.

For the rest of my darling friends, Leo's or Not... Come with a LEO friend, Come dressed in honour of your Leo friends or any other crazy assed animal for that matter.
Tickets go on Sale tomorrow, get em early and only pay $15.00. get em late and pay $20.00 at the door. CLICK HERE

Leos will receive 1 complimentary drink with proof of ID. and honorary LEO's with the best efforts will get a drink too.

questions still?

Posted by woodhead

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