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Got a decent recording of my set last Saturday. Thank you to everyone that joined us to celebrate The Body language launch at the all new Beaumont Studios. Listen on Mixcloud here:

Woodhead at Body Language 17 The Beaumont Studios, May 22 2015 by Woodhead on Mixcloud

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Tomorrow is Body Language 15 and the final party at the old Beaumont. Excited to see everyone for this send off!

Body Language 15 : The Re-Birth of Cool

Modal jazz has a few precepts that are shared with and mirrored closely in house and techno production. Both forms employ limited chord changes and explore fully the harmonic and tonal content within certain "modes", or derivative scales of the diatonic scale. In addition, both styles encourage the breaking of musical rules, employing atonal, dissonant, and percussive elements to disrupt the listener's sense of safety, of predictability, in the attempt to create a dynamic dialog between "in" and "out". Though the perfomance format is wildly different, the same inputs and creative philosophy prevails, which is the interraction between performers, audience, and some sense of "other" that's being tapped through a combination of virtuosity and spirituality.

Talent for Body Language 15

Rennie Foster - the legend, the dubnut himself. He's the man. Working dilligently on his career that spans decades and continents, Rennie's productions and sets have made an impact that keeps him in demand globally to this day. We're honoured to have such a battle-tested DJ grace the decks at our little jam, and I will put out the warning fair and square that this guy does not hold back and you should expect a full-on throwdown that stands in sharp contrast to what we might consider a "west coast sound". You'll bear witness to a large degree of improvisation and physicality with this wizard of rhythm and tone.

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Visual Environment by Lighthead Visuals
Friendly, welcoming door and bar staff, nice friends, good vibes.

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Tonight is going to be tight. I'll be unveiling my new custom mapped visual testris light wall. So happy to be welcoming Jesse Bru, Dane and Late Knights Collective to Body Language.

To understand what is fully at work in the process of dance-based emancipation, it's necessary to increase the intimacy of interactions within these trance-like states. A code or shorthand for efficient physical communication develops, arising from the need to preserve movement autonomy and psychological clarity. The form and function of dance must similarly maintain a dialog, and the suspension of default modes of social interaction is a base requirement for the transcendent states demanded by dancefloors of this epoch. Rudimentary applications lead to "shut up and dance" type paradigms, which are bluntly effective, however this can stifle the technicolour creative expressions that arise from the harmonious flow of interaction vis-a-vis music and other human beings.

So say what you want, but do it with your body.

BODY LANGUAGE XI : March 21 @ The Beaumont Studios

DANE - Common Edit / Treehouse / Foosh / Red Motorbike

His debut more than a year ago at Body Language 4 was legendary. The energy of such an accomplished disco DJ in a room full of receptive souls was a unique and ephemeral experience for everyone who was there. When someone's passion speaks through their sets like Dane's does, you know you're on board not only with his selection but his overall style and approach to collecting and making music. He's got a new mix to share reflecting another 16 months of his crazy vinyl-termite antics, and we couldn't be happier to have him back.

JESSE BRU - Audio Parralax / Karat / Heart to Heart

Our dearest friend Jesse is known mostly for wearing mainly striped clothing, and spouting a "stripes for life" motto. On the side he keeps busy by consistently releasing gorgeous house music. His skill for extending a musical phrase into an infinite dusty hall-of-mirrors love-moment is unparalleled. Between his halcyon album Mid City LP on Audio Parallax and the flexible productions of his collaboration with Ryan Trann under the "Hot Keys" moniker, it's hard to name a more upstart producer on the west coast. Over the moon we are, to have him grace the decks at his first Body Language appearance.

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Woodhead B2B Neighbour
Late Knights Collective

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In a modern global context, dance has served to provide a respite from the pressures of city living and as a vehicle for cultural self-awareness. The fragmented nature of our socio-technological framework allows us the privilege of sampling many forms, while making meaningful connection to specific histories more difficult. In a visceral way, our urban spaces and planning define our physical expression, in turn dictating our patterns of understanding. Through ritual movement, we can examine the relationship between community, culture, and the spaces we inhabit.

Join us for a night of kinetic conversation and be reminded of your eloquent bodies by...

Self Evident -
(PalmsOut, Dipped, B YRSLF Division)

Woodhead -
(Punchout, EastVanDigital)

Neighbour -
(Homebreakin, Jalapeno, Nordic Trax, Voyage INC)

Thinktank -
(Funk Weapons, Homebreakin)

Spiltmilk -
(Homebreakin, Foosh)

E.S.B. -
(Homebreakin, Deepen)

Tickets available at Beatstreet, Puff, Vinyl and Highlife

Visuals by: Lighthead


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