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pg logo white.jpg

I met Pete Grove at a copy store ten years ago. Back then he was a label owner and live pa innovator under the name Sunkissed. I've seen him play some sick live sets at Deepen and owned a number of his vinyl back in the day. Now he's back on the west coast with new releases on Noah Pred's Thoughtless Music label and some wicked good taste in tech house. He recently put together a mix for Saunasessions.ca Check it out it's deep and chunky.


tracklist - pg sauna sessions mix 1 - november 21/2009
01 - 0:00 - 3:55 - quadrant dub I - basic channel
02 - 0:23 - 7:40 - dubcrystal - district one
03 - 4:55 - 12:59 - smashing dust (kaiserdisco remix) - daniele kama
04 - 9:57 - 16:46 - another last cigarette - flavio diaz
05 - 15:15 - 20:45 - marrakech (martinez mix) - hermanez
06 - 18:20 - 24:35 - deadend motel - voodeux
07 - 22:10 - 30:00 - passing through - joel mull
08 - 26:38 - 34:20 - meltin pot - mark broom
09 - 30:55 - 37:35 - backroom honey - saeed younan
10 - 35:50 - 44:30 - jungler - mijail, victor vera
11 - 39:00 - 49:20 - kitch in - tim green (tg)
12 - 46:04 - 52:51 - circle - jeff samuel
13 - 50:20 - 56:08 - valdomero - samuel knob
14 - 53:51 - 60:18 - turn it up - trevor loveys
15 - 57:20 - 63:40 - windy city - la pena
16 - 61:10 - 68:58 - jazz me - secret cinema
17 - 65:25 - 71:10 - jungle - sebastien leger
18 - 70:05 - 71:50 - quadrant dub I - basic channel

artist info

Pete Grove's production style stretches minimalist musical elements into quirky, complex orchestrations - an organic fusion that embraces all forms of music - a cross breed of contexts.

Previously known as Sunkissed, Pete became known as one of several pioneers of Canada's live PA scene throughout the nineties. With an innovative hardware-based dual sequencer setup, Sunkissed was recognized as one of the first PA acts to utilize midi fader box control as the centerpiece of his live interface, a technique which logically became an evolutionary step in live PA and digital DJ setups. The twin sequencer, fader control interface remains the vehicle for Grove's updated touchscreen-computer live and DJ rig, allowing complete control, layering and full manipulation of any piece of music in a set. Though unlike many single computer Ableton Live rigs, this innovative dual Ableton setup allows for completely improvised set lists and still requires the classic technique of manual beatmatching to sync or to allow offsetting the rhythms for each mix.

In 1998, Pete Grove started Woodwork Recordings, contributing to an emerging hybrid style that broadly became known as tech house. Woodwork's crossover dancefloor tracks were well received in North America and in Europe. After his first few vinyl outings on Definitive Records and Woodwork Recordings, Sunkissed travelled abroad to play european festivals such as Austria's Steirischer Herbst and Peace Parade. After shutting down his label and taking a 7-year hiatus to pursue other musical genres and personal projects, a return to the familiar realm of tech house was inspired by his strong appreciation for the depth and versatility Noah Pred's emerging Thoughtless Music label. Upon completing his newest tech house projects, Pete immediately contacted Noah Pred, motivated to contribute to the Thoughtless catalogue.

Pete Grove's previous releases and remixes have appeared on Definitive Recordings, Guardian Angel, Woodwork Recordings, Sunkissed Records, Spiritual Records, Nordic Trax, Future Groove, Plastic city, Shoreline Records, and in film productions released by the National Film Board of Canada.

latest release:


recent dj mixes: http://thoughtlessmusic.com/transmissions/TLTM010-2_PeteGrove.mp3

homepage: http://www.candlewaxcouture.com

label: http://www.thoughtlessmusic.com

myspace: http://www.myspace.com/candlewaxcouture

Posted by woodhead


@gorgomish Substance residents Ali Sani and Siavash square off at SiGNAL for a three hours set.

Download/Stream the full 3 hours here:

Posted by karlis


Add our podcast: http://www.saunasessions.ca/audio/feed

Last week i was feeling the deep house vibes and explored some serious Latin tech house territory at the end of this set. I was having too much fun with those cut off filters. Two hours worth of house music here. It was great having Ali Sani and Siavash down last week. Killer night at SiGNAL.

Set list:

1. Zombie Disco Squad - The Cursed
2. Tomas Barfod And Fredski - Mr Fleurquin (Catz'n Dogz Remix)
3. Style Of Eye - Retur 2
4. Pan Pot - The Birds
5. DJ-T - Dis
6. Ray Okpara - A Belover For
7. Camel - Cohiba
8. Alex Flitsch & Audiofly - Long way To Go
9. UNER & Coyu - Raw Sweat
10. Momma's Boy - Maldito (Nino Tom Flynn_s Big Momma Remix)
11. Jamie Jones - You! (Original Mix)
12. Ekkohaus The Flow
13, The-Junkies-_Ritmo_Loko_Remix
14. Unknown
15. Laidback Luke And Diplo - Hey! (Nadastrom Hot Latin Dub)
16. Worthy, Yankee Zulu - Concumbia
17. DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto - Con Alegria (Solo 'more Cowbell' Remix)
19. RENAISSANCE MAN - Canto Della Kalimba Bootcut
20. Yolanda Be Cool - Afro Nuts (Edu K Remix)
21. Daniel Steinberg - Bailando Original_Mix
22. Emerson Todd and Tim-Green -Exercise
23. The Opera - Anton Pieete, Paul Ritch
24. Stephan Beaupre Lotus Eaters
25. Thomas Schumacher - NYC

Download it here:


Posted by woodhead

claire K.jpg

A mix from Claire(@clairelabs) i've been enjoying the last few weeks. Quality tech house and minimal with productions from Ark, Josh Wink, Peace Division, Ben Klock, Samuel L. Session and Harry Axt.

find more of her music here:

1. Ark + Mikael Weill - Elephant Hunting
2. Christian Burkhardt - Phey Boom
3. Andria Fiorito - Bety Loop feat Amelia Saul
4. Ana + One - Box of Donuts
5. Josh Wink - Minimum 23
6. Philippe Autiori - Redemption (Peace Division Mix)
7. Shinedoe - Ibo Grooves
8. Ben Klock - Pulse
9. Samuel L. Session
10. Let's Go Outside - I'll Lick Your Spine (Repeat Repeat Mix)
11. Berg Nixon - New York Minute
12. John Shannanigans feat. Moral Undulations - Old Blue Spiritual
13. Ryan Crosson - Under the Willow
14. SCSI-9 - Boys Away
15. Matt John - Boeing Highly (Let ME Hope Mix)
16. Random Skills - Karussel
17. Rocha + Lewinger - Sytrus
18. Gel Abril - Dusty
19. Harry Axt - Love Story

Download it here:

Posted by woodhead


I enjoy playing the first set of the night at Signal. Gives me a chance to play some different tunes as people walk in and get the first drinks of the night. I recorded this set last night at Signal's 3rd Anniversary party. Thanks everyone who came out and supported us over the last three years.

Set list:
1. Simian Mobile Disco - Bad Blood (Feat. Alexis Taylor)
2. Joakim - Ad Me
3. Beni - Maximus - feat Sam Sparro
4. Canyons - Dancing On Silk
5. We Have a Band - You Came Out (Stereogamous Bathhouse Version)
6. Passion Pit - To Kingdom Come (Grum Remix)
7. Pnau - With You forever
8. The Phenomenal Handclap Band - 15 to 20 (David E Sugar Remix)
9. The Tough Alliance - Neo Violence (Shazam Remix
10. Knightlife - Crusader (Original Mix))
11. Circlesquare - Dancers (Russ Chimes vs ANORAAK Remix)
12. Mike Snow - Animal (Treasure Fingers Remix)

Download it here:

Posted by woodhead


Pure tech-house here with some of my favs. from the summer. I pulled it off without monitors working at the club. They got unplugged for my set.

track list:

1. Bunkers - Lost In The Red Room
2. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - Halleluyah Yeah
3. Jamie Jones Vs Simon Baker - kaskazi
4. District One - Dubcrystal (Julien Chaptal & Lauhaus Remix)
5. Emerson Todd and Tim Green - Exercise
6. Brett Johnson - Gypsy Love
7. Tim Green Kitch In
8. Round Table Knights - Belly_Dance Mowgli Remix
9. MY MY - Everybody's Talkin'
10. Butch - Amelie (Hugo Remix)
11. Danny Freakazoid - Monsieur & Madame
12. Jaxson and David Keno - Tout Le Temps
13. Visti & Meyland - Yes Maam (Trentemoller Remix)
14. Tarantella (Original Mix) - Jaxson and David Keno

Listen here:

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Mike McSuede churned out a sick set last weekend at SiGNAL on his birthday. Great night in the basement! @intimateprod . This Saturday we do it again with Rob Caruk and Noah Pred.

Download Mike's set here:

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Another live recording from one of my Lotus sets. I go all over the map. Bassline, Electro and Tech-House on this one. Tracklist:

1. Mowgli - Get Down feat. MC ZUB (Mowgli_Hip_House_Remix)
2. Bart B More - So It Goes (A Day In The Life)
3. CALVERTRON vs MAJESTIC MC - Gimmie Da Mic (Bass_Kleph_remix)
4. DJ Fast Eddie - YoYo Get Funky (Tim Healey & Deekline Remix)
5. Fake Blood - I Think I Like It
6. Spencer & Hill - Trespasser - Gigi Barocco Remix
7. Rico Tubbs - Hot Girls Dope Boys - B. Rich Remix
8. Will Bailey & Wongo - The Cannock Wobble (Bill Eff Remix 1)
9. Calvin Harris - Ready For The Weekend (Fake Blood Remix)
10. Santigold - L.E.S. Artistes (Zodiac Cartel Remix)
11. Santiago & Bushido - Make Me Feel feat. Colette
12. Nick Supply Feat. Tasha - That Bounce Track (Bingo Players Rmx)
13. SUPPLY,_Nick_NFA-She_Rock NRoll_(fRew_remix)
14. Aston Shuffle - Do You Want More feat. Danimal Kingdom - (Magik Johnson Remix)
15. Gigi Barocco - The Rhythm
16. Tai D.I.M. - Lyposuct (Noob_Remix)
17. Count & Sinden - MEGA (Dub Remix))
18. Beni - Maximus (Harvard Bass remix)

Download here:

Posted by woodhead


Great mix from Ollie Ple. Starts off with big tunes from Hirshee, Jeff Daniels, Lazy Rich and Kyle Watson. Goes deep and techy towards the end with Format B and Andy Clockwork. Tracklist:

1. Hirshee - California [Stereo Soul Recordings]
2. Jeff Daniels Ft Tara Lett - Dont Call Me Baby (Extacy Tree Mix) [Un-released]
3. Marzetti ft Krystle Dos Santos - Run Away (Ollie Plé Remix) [Sovereign House Records]
4. Ryan Galbraith - Smuggling Duds (Lazy Rich Remix) [Stereo Soul Recordings]
5. The Squatters feat MC Duk - Bring Back The Duck (Kyle Watson Remix) [Grooved]
6. Truati - Grooveshit [Lo kik]
7. Libex - Black Moon [303LOVERS]
8. Colors Sound System - Sing the Same Thing (Joe Silva Remix) [Conya]
9. Format B - Edding 850 [Highgrade]
10. Flaka Phono Lytoriginal [Mode 2 Recordings]
11. Dualton - Como Siempre (Carbon Remix) [Saveroom Recordings]
12. CPM - Groove Shine [Junkie Town]
13. Andy Clockwork - Straighteight [Clocktowerrecords]
14. Various Artists - Dousee White [Black White Orange Records]

Download here:

Posted by woodhead

woodhead-lotus sept-09.jpg

Watch out. Lots of conga action in this one.
1. Deadset - Introduction
2. Solo - The Big Stef (Nat Self Mix)
3. Claude Vonstroke & Justin Martin - Beat That Bird
4. Cevin Fisher - The Freaks Come Out 2009 - Idiotproof Remix (Jesse Rose Edit)
5. Round Table Knights - Belly Dance Mowgli Remix
6. Tim Green - Kitch In
7. Renaissance Man - Canto Della Kalimba Bootcut
8. Yolanda Be Cool - Afro Nuts (Edu K Remix)
9. DJ Gregory & Gregor - Salto Con Alegria (Solo 'more Cowbell' Remix)
10. Designer Drugs - Back up in this (Michael Meds Remix)
11. Noob & Brodinski - Peanuts Club
12. Tai & D.I.M. - Lyposuct (Noob Remix)
13. Laidback Luke - Need Your Loving (Joeysuki And Apster Remix)
14. Tekitek & Orgasmic - The Sixpack Anthem (Harvard Bass Remix)
15. Mowgli - Im A DJ (Dub Mix)
16. Zombie Disco Squad - Vie
17. Boy 8-Bit - Baltic Pine
18. Yaron Cohen - Laffy Taffy (Style Of Eye Remix)
19. Oliver$ - Watcha Gonna Do
20. Zombie Disco Squad - Heavy Breathing
21. Claude VonStroke - Aundy (Single Break Edit)

Download it here:


Posted by woodhead


I recorded Skai and Dan Bull's SiGNAL set @ Lotus a few weeks ago. It's really good. About 2.5 hours long. It starts off with Skai for about one hour then Dan takes over till the end. Excellent house music here folks. Download:


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Computer paul.jpg

New mix from Seattle-NYC based house-soul-downtempo producer Computer Paul. Look out for his new Ep dropping soon on http://bagpakrecords.com including a Woodhead remix of his tune Steal Away Days.

"I upgraded to Traktor Pro and ripped out this mix. So many options, so many buttons to push! Also less talking this time, more music. Definitely more of a clubby mix, but features a 50/50 blend of contemporary disco edits and classic disco edits, along with a few house beats underneath to keep the bass levels pumping. Enjoy!"


orig. post here:

Posted by woodhead

Podcast#88 Funkoree 2009

06 September 2009

Finally uploaded all the dj sets i was able to record at Funkoree this year. Funk-o-radio 107.9fm was broadcasting up and down the Squamish Valley that weekend. If you tuned in you might have heard these tunes. Due to lack of space on my memory sticks i wasn't able to get all the amazing music that went down that weekend. What i did get was golden.


^Karlis and MC Ceder treat us to a Spicy mix of Calypso and Lounge favorites at the Jason E. Cocktail Social.


^Daddy J's Funky as hell set from Saturday night that rocked the bells featuring Jason E and MC Ceder on the Mic.


^Andy Chambers tore the place up right on Saturday night.


^Ill-Esha and Dewey DB go deep and bass heavy on Friday night.


^The Librarian got deep, glitchy and fun on Friday night.


^K-tel heats up the 45s on Saturday afternoon and gets us all dancing again like lunatics.


^Sarvair's deep minimal and tribal set Sunday at Sunset.


^Woodhead and Neighbour trade off tunes between drinks on Friday night.


^Part 1

^My edited down sunrise marathon sets from Saturday and Sunday morning.

Hope you like. Check out http://www.saunasessions.ca for more music.

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podcast: http://www.saunasessions.ca/audio/feed

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Featuring Tracks & Remixes By:
Stagga. Jayou. Burial. D1. Mala.
Skream. Benga. Caspa. Raffertie.
Dub Crookz. Noah D. Ekstrak.
The Others. Toast

The Drake Equation : A Dubstep Mix

There are around 400 billion stars in the solar system
many of these stars have planets surrounding them,
of these surrounding planets, a few may sustain life,
of these few, a small fraction are planets where life actually evolves,
a fraction of these planets evolves intelligent life,
a very small fraction of these communicates beyond itself.
a fraction of the planets existence is during the time
which the communicating civilizations survive
In earths case we have had radio communicating power
for a few decades out of a few billion years of earth sustaining life.
Using logical numbers, there may be millions of intelligent civilizations
within the milky way galaxy, in its past present and future.
This is the Drake Equation.


The Drake Equation : A Dubstep Mix^

Posted by woodhead


New mix from Piranha Piranha.

"Here is our first mix cd...it features some tunes we like to play out...as well as some original material and remixes."


Dan & Sandro


Artwork By - Acorn - http://www.flickr.com/photos/acornsgrow/

To add our podcast paste Http://www.saunasessions.ca/audio/feed into your subscribe to podcast window in the advanced settings in itunes.

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BC Mobile Sauna Society

The BCMSS is a sauna society based in Vancouver, BC. We host sauna sessions and operate our mobile saunas.

Also view a gallery of
lots of other mobile saunas and a Mobile Sauna book!

BCMSS is a community supported wellness project, we depend on your contributions.
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