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mobiilisauna with HOT TUB

18 November 2008

(Paimio, FINLAND) From Heikki Halkosaari we have this mobiilisauna which is as far as we know the second mobile sauna/hottub combo trailer in the world (the other being "the Ark" in Oregon, USA). So check it out, sauna plus hot tub and fold-out deck action. Two wood stoves, one for the sauna, and one immersed in the tub. 220 litre water tank and the 2100 litre tub seats 6 (maybe 10 for us, hey?). LED mood lighting. Roll up with this craft and you will impress your friends bigtime.

Posted by karlis


When you can't get to a sauna you can vent your frustration by throwing a virtual rag doll off the sauna benches in this epic sauna videogame from the makers of the dismount series including truck dismount and stair dismount which I have not yet tried but if anyone has a windows machine please try it out and let me know your top score. Who will win the saunasessions sauna dismount world championship grandmaster title towel?

Thanks to Luke from PBS.

Posted by karlis

Roofrack sauna

15 October 2008

(Teuva, Finland) Although it looks like a sauna roofrack, the sauna is actually part of the white station wagon, the house on top is just an extension so you can have some headroom. The stove is in the passenger seat, so I guess the driver can stoke the fire while driving. The driver also has the lowest seat, so they won't get as hot as the people sweating upstairs. Don't take this into an underground parkade.

Another one from vascellari's photostream.

Posted by karlis


(Kotka, Finland) Deadlines can be a bitch. First you say, "yea, we'll bring our new mobile sauna to your event" but then you have to build it, and if you run out of time you have two options. You can cancel and loose face or show up with what you have. Like these guys. Except it turns out the guy with the beard is a magician and doesn't need any walls to keep the heat in. The crew from Saunaseura Kipakka is rolling in this parade having a good sweat anyway.

Posted by karlis

Sauna Dory

16 September 2008

(Teuva, FINLAND) If you look past the lavender pink sauna dory and the matching bikini, you'll see in the background of the photo there's a sauna traffic jam on the street outside the Mobile Sauna Festival. That's why they built their sauna on a boat, they were tired of the commute.

From Andrea Vascellari's photostream

Posted by karlis

Finn Industries 2000 (FITT)

16 September 2008

(Teuva, FINLAND) Imagine what you would see in the USA if the American national symbol was a bathtub? In Finland, nationalism is OK because it looks like this, I think the slickest sauna at the Mobile Sauna Festival in Teuva. Check out the license plate: "SAU-NA". Chrome rims. Decals. Big barrel of water.

Andrea Vascellari's photostream

Posted by karlis

Sauna Combine

16 September 2008

The Teuva Mobile Sauna Festival in Finland is like Burning Man for Finnish mobile sauna enthusiasts. It's not clear to me if this combine still works for harvest time, but the weather looks about right to put this to good use.

Andrea Vascellari's photostream

The kid in the photo is scratching his head because he's boggled at the selection of saunas to choose from at this event, not because this one is in a piece of farm machinery.

Posted by karlis

Phone Booth Sauna

16 September 2008

(Teuva, FINLAND) I think this is mobile becuase you could throw it in the back of a truck. I don't know about those all glass walls, but I would be willing to try it out with a few friends.
This is but one example from the legendary Mobile Sauna Festival in Teuva, FINLAND.

Posted by karlis

Bike Sauna

16 September 2008

(finland) this sauna you could probably take anywhere, maybe you'd even start to forget it's there and just take it everywhere. You could fire it up, have a quick sweat and jump in the lake anytime. This one we think is in Helsinki, so he's got lots of really nice places he can go, maybe head over to hiekkarannantie and take a dip in the baltic.

from JohntheFinn's flikr photostream.

Posted by karlis


Found a new truck for the world mobile sauna roster today out of Siberia. These crazy Russians built one in a military truck. It has an 88 gallon water tank on the roof!

BARNAUL, Russia (Reuters) - Cannot afford to install a sauna in your home? A Russian inventor might have the answer -- the mobile sauna.

Converted from a military truck, Igor Chupin offers clients a session in the back of his GAZ-66 truck for 1000 roubles ($42.37) per hour.

"What Russian guy doesn't love his banya! One day I had the idea to put a bathhouse on wheels and to drive wherever I want!" said Chupin, a self-taught inventor from the Altai region of southern Siberia.

Russians adore saunas, or banyas, spending hours in the steam rooms with friends, swapping stories over tea or vodka. Many hit themselves or others with dried birch leaves to improve the circulation.

Chupin said it took him months to build the traveling banya offers the real Russian experience. It has a 400-litre (88-gallon) water tank on top to provide the steam. It is heated with a wood-fired stove.

(Reporting by Natalya Sokhareva; Writing by Conor Sweeney; Editing by Elizabeth Piper)

Posted by woodhead


The Sauna truck made it up to Festivus this weekend. Karlis has successfully fixed the sauna truck clutch by hand.

The sauna got well used during the 24 hour dj marathon during the chilly night. The sun made us sweat and the river water was glacier cold on the beach during the day. Thank you, Brad, Sarah and Mike for doing the work. The djs slayed, the sound was excellent and the vibe was killer. We enjoyed!

(Woodhead doesn't mention here that the sweatification got so intense we broke the top bench in the sauna, something that last happened a few years ago at the same location . . . have no fear, repairs are almost complete)

The sauna truck is now available for your event. Contact us and let us know when you want a sauna to roll up at your polar bear swim or birthday party. Who doesn't love to sweat?

Posted by woodhead

The Oasis lives!

14 August 2008
the oasis!

The westcoast mobile sauna fleet has a new flagship, the Oasis! Built by Ryan from the crafters collective in Portland, this one is built in an airstream trailer and powered by a wood fired Harvia stove. We're still waiting for the full details from Ryan, but saunasessions veteran Max Ulis had a chance to sweat it up in the Oasis at Emrg+n+see! His review? Great woodwork, could be hotter. Max is a hardcore sauna pro, though; from other reports on the web, this box is blowing people's minds as it heats up the west coast this summer. Stay tuned for more photos!

Posted by karlis


Last weekend at Funkoree Karlis our sauna master whipped together a sauna sweat using only a pocket knife, tarps, cedar bows and a propane powered stove.

Many people were deeply heated that night allowing them to jump into the river un-chilled by the cold mountain night air.

"The best thing about a sauna party is you leave more healthy then when you arrived"

Posted by woodhead

Hot like Estonian Firemen

08 January 2007

Some new additions to the mobile sauna fleet for 2007! A nice sauna trailer from Germany, and some serious Estonian firemen who put their old trucks to good use, and know how to throw a party. The hose-down is not a problem.

Posted by karlis

Sauna in Nelson

28 December 2006

being stranded in Nelson after 20cms of overnight snow is not so bad if you have a sauna to sweat in. Our neighbours converted this garden shed to a sauna. it features two air vents, an electric stove, seats five and has a wonderful view of the mountains. The lighting is cozy and water resistent, the system was salvaged from a boat. I got so hot the snow melted under my feet.

Thanks to Craig Mullen and Hoola for having me as a guest for another wicked night at the Hume Hotel and Dj Chase and Shawn Ward for a wicked boxing day electro throwdown at the Rezavoir.


Posted by woodhead

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