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LLW Oct 11 2015.jpg

I'll be on visuals and playing music in the Tiki. See you down there!

Intimate Productions presents Legendary Long Weekend :: #TurkeyBurnerEdition At The Waldorf | Sunday Oct 11th

Thanksgiving is the time to give thanks for all the things we are lucky to have, spend time with family and friends, and eat tons of Turkey of course. So what better way to burn off all those tasty meals than by coming down to party with us at Vancouver's longest running Long Weekend party! For this one, we got some of Vancouver's finest - McSuede, Ryan Wells, Jared Love, Abasi, Dunks, Woodhead and then some. So mark your calendars, and let's work it all off on the dance floor together. LLW: The Legend continues.

Room 1 | (house)
Mike McSuede * Ryan Wells * Jared Love

Room 2 | (all vinyl room with funk hits, disco jams and classic house)
presented by Paradise City
Dunks * Abasi * Woodhead

#LLW #TurkeyBurnerEdition

Visuals by Lighthead | Photos by Mood.Berlin

Advance Tickets $12/$15 | More Door
Online: www.intimateproductions.com
Also available in store at:
Beat Street Records [439 W. Hastings] : (604.683.3344)

Doors 10pm | 19+

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broken raquet radio.jpg

at 10pm pst http://nsbradio.co.uk/ . I'll be playing a few of my new edits and tunes on NSB Radio. Also tunes from Audit, Neighbour, Fedski, Spiltmilk and Toffa on the menu.

"This week on Broken Racket on NSB Radio we have special guest DJs Darren Woodheadd and Atal NineArts Pamir
Tune into http://nsbradio.co.uk/ at 9pm PST Tuesday September 29th to catch the show live.
If you miss the live show all of the shows are available for free download from the NSB Radio archives and from hearthis.at.

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Posted up in front of my turntables and a small pile of records, this is what came out.


Lamont Booker - My House Music (hardcore) Not
Paxton Fettel - She's Alright
HNNY - Oma Doris
Pools - 3rd Eye (Luvless Rmx)
Phil Week - Bad Chance
HNNY - Nothing
Silk 86 - Felicity
Italo Johnson - No. 09
Borrowed Identity - Tenebra
Frits Wentink - Angela Saliva
Sleazy McQueen - Now You Know (Century Remix)
Nightbraker - Who’s Your Dede
Chaos In The CBD - Luxury Motivation
M. Landsky - Wild People
CTEPEO ’57 - Kackworsthouse

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late-night-business- vol 3.png

Sometimes you just have to pour some whiskey, turn the lights down low, press record and start djing. This mix features favorite selections from some of my late night playlists this summer. Thanks for listening to my music!


01. Secondcity - I Wanna Feel (Cristoph remix)
02. Borrowed Identity - Addictive
03. Eskuche Nu Sky - The Future
04. PBR Streetgang - Move On, Don't Want Me
05. Mia Dora - Raw Kiss
06. Ruben Mandolini - Abduction
07. Pluto - Grange Road West (Boxia remix)
08. Soledrifter - A Word On Music
09. Svida - Freerider
10. Cristoph - Reachin'
11. Waifs & Strays - Work On You
12. PBR Streetgang - Move On, Don't Want Me
13. Tato - Acamon
14. Waifs & Strays - Beat On The Drums
15. Wouter De Moor & Mulder - Rubato
16. Copy Paste Soul - On Point
17. Huxley - Diesel
18. HeavyFeet - Collect_All & Rave (Joyce Muniz remix)
19. Tom Budden - Shouldn't Be Here
20. Majora - Cougar
21. Landis LaPace - Zesty Nachos (hard mix)

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Body Language 18 Aug 1st 2015.jpg

The dawg days of summer are in full effect, and boy ain't it great. Beach time, camp stoves, cheap blueberries and a reinvigoration of the physical body in relation to its spaces and places. There's plenty to celebrate, and with a forum like the newly minted Beaumont Studios, it's entirely possible, even probable. With our overlapping goals of dance floor emancipation, exposing fresh talent to our voracious younglings, and a generally good-natured approach to partying, we present to you another edition of Vancouver's best little dance party.

Mueslix by:


We are so blessed to have our own top shelf Canadian export in the house, representing a unique vision of house and techno. He's collided head-on with the dance music rebirth in Berlin, littered the planet with quality, playable releases, and now he's coming back to the West Coast to share his travels with us.

Recent releases on Cynosure, Highgrade and Trapez LTD have earned a renewed focus on his distinctive production style and extensive discography. With his False Image collaboration with Tom Clark out now on Get Physical - and projects with Pablo Bolivar on Apparel, and Tim Xavier on Alphahouse, respectively - his sound has reached more ears than ever this past year. Meanwhile, his latest full-length, Third Culture, continues to earn critical praise, further establishing his reputation as an artist with as much vision as his abundant skill.


Andy, Andy, Andy. What can we say here. It cannot go unsaid that this man is objectively handsome. With that out of the way, we can focus on the fact that he's been a mainstay of the west coast house music environment since 1999 and beyond. Countless of his crisp, creative concoctions have graced crates thanks to his Clocktower Recordings, and the denizens of Festivus, a regional campout dynamo, know all about his shenanigans both on and off the court. Either way, he's a team player; he'll work hard in the corners, chase the puck up the boards, get it on net, and get to the bench all without breaking his trademark "Esquire" sunglasses / grin combo.

visual environment by LIGHTHEAD

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Intimate Productions presents Legendary Long Weekend :: #Back2SchoolBash + 12 Year Anniversary At The Waldorf | Sunday Sept 6th

Room 1 | (house)
Jesse Hills * Howl Sound * Iain Howie

Room 2 | (disco / funk / classic house)
presented by Paradise City
Wmnstudies * Abasi * Soren Thomas Workshop

#LLW #Back2SchoolBash

Visuals by Lighthead Visuals

Photos by Mood.Berlin

Advance Tickets $12/$15 | More Door
Online: www.intimateproductions.com
Also available in store at:
Beat Street Records [439 W. Hastings] : (604.683.3344)

Doors 10pm | 19+

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All In together NOW - VAL- 2015.jpg

An extended family gathering and focus to heal.

At first glance some might see us as a bunch of misfits, a bunch of wacky ravers acting silly way late into the night, and they might be right. But at some point it becomes more than that. At some point this becomes family. These are the people we care about and who care about us. These are who we call to for help, and offer a shoulder to lean on when the leaning gets heavy.
Recently some members of our family have entered a very challenging chapter, and so we are calling for a full family gathering of epic proportions for support, both moral and financial, and to relish in this incredible family that we all have been adopted into.


For more info and updates on Leanne's progress, or to donate: http://www.gofundme.com/yvwn79s

Friday Aug 28th
MASSIVE collaborative party with:
6pm BBQ, HUGE silent auction, yoga, mini-games, so many DJ's, dance, magic, burlesque, healing.
Entry by donation, $10-$20

With music provided by:

Self Evident
Taal Mala
Kir Mokum
Special Ed
Dark Arps
Max Ulis
Ryan Wells
DJ Soo
MC Emotions
MC Think Tank
Myles Away
Kimmy K
Kid Kurse
Tuck In Tyler

Performances by:
Acro Voices
Emily Long - Aerials
Luna Essence - Burlesque
Tristan Risk - Magic
Olivia D - Solo Dance
Brett Diplock – Pop’n’Lock

Yoga sessions lead by Heather Boyer and Brenda Holmes

BBQ / Food by Jules Atkinson

Photo Booth by Thom Hamilton

Amazing SILENT AUCTION items provided by:

Bass Coast Project – 2016 Ticket / Swag
Black Tuna Records - 10 release DL and T-Shirt
Jenni Mohnstr - Velvet garter belt
Crystal Precious & Sweet Soul - Supreme Sassification Package
Funk Hunters - Tickets and merch package
Amberleigh Forsyth - Hair Cut and Colour
Buck Lee Glass - Hollow Retticello Pendant w/ Opal
Claire Brousseau - Wearable art & leatherwork
Heather Boyer - Massage and movement therapy session
Xanax Assassins: Media package + apparel
Amanda Louise -InnerAltar one of a kind sterling silver pendant
Sarah Pitcairn - Accessories
Nadine Hanky Panky - Pleasure Mate Kit
Sami Majadla - 2 hour tech consulting session
Brenda Holmes - Yoga Package
Megan Carsley - Spa Package at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler
Tangerine Design- Branding + stationary design package *Or* Wordpress theme configuration package
Karina Caroline – Ethical Products
Tom Hoff – Laser Cuts
Tim Campbell – Massage Package
Shakya - Fitness session / Meditation and wellness focus
Joffrey Middleton-Hope – Photo Session Package
Crystalworks Gallery - Healing Crystal
Raquel Jorfor – Headshots/Product shots
Sarah Fahina – Custom Hats
Zac Yankewicz – Photo session
Stuart MacMahon – Kanto YUMI bookshelf speakers
Fresco – 100% wood instillation
Unity Yoga – Yoga Package
Melanie Yip - Original painting and prints
Sam Demoe – Limited Print
Soleil Martine - Hand carved lost wax cast jewelry
Rob Bannister - 10K Maui Sunset print
Tessa van Poele - Jamberry nail applique package

Visuals by:
Vasho Pekar
Tim Rolls
Thadius Maximus: INEO Studios

Decor and Environments by:
Vancouver Art and Leisure
Anna Bush - Bushwacked
Hamish – The Grove
Andrea – Aquarius Party
Kristan M, Ash Turner , Laura Sharp

Promo Design by Brendan Cave
Promo Video by Leland Miller

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Astrologically, if you believe is such things, and the Beaumont does…

People are attracted to the Beaumont Leo’s. We have a zest for life and are extremely warm and give good natured energy towards all the people in our life. Our enthusiasm is what attracts people to us. The Leo's of the Beaumont are social butterflies, not because we want to be, but because people always naturally gravitate and embrace our quirky sweetness. You can try not to like a Beaumont Leo, chances are you’ll fail, its hard not like us because we just can't stop adorning you with our sweet cuddly nature.

While we tend to be fairly balanced and we are totally realistic, the fact that we are hosting a giant party for ourselves is merely another attempt play with maul our friends on the dance floor. We are the Beaumont Leo's and but we do this event without the vanity of your run of the mill Leo.

Some Leos might be too caught up in themselves and be self-centred, but the Beaumont Leo's, not us, at the end of the day, we are never too self-absorbed to exclude a Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces energy to come out and play.

Beaumont Leo's can lift up other's spirits and provide encouragement when times are rough, so if your birthday is way off in a lame ass month like rainy February, we can cheer up your birthday blues and offer you some honorary cat ears, or even a scratch ya in the tail region, see if that motivates you.

Beaumont Leo can help anyone in need, call us for costume ideas, or ways you might honour your own special LEO. Leo’s like to pamper their friends and treat them well and we loooove to get pampered right back. Imagine the excitement of surprising a fellow unknowing LEO with a BEAUMONT LEO PARTY.

A Beaumont Leo is an ultimate friend. We never hold a grudge and we are very forgiving, even if you've missed this event in the past, we will show you the ropes when you get here.

We have respect and understanding of people’s differences and that is why we want you all to come and celebrate us in your own your astrological way. So come play with a ball of string with us. or a bottle of something.

10th annual
Friday August 21st from 9:45-3:30
come one come all.

1 Decade of Leo parties-
from the jungle to the safari, where will the Beaumont Leos take you this year. …

Ferociously leading you all into the party, at 9:45pm the amazing Lion Tamer…. D J Woodhead,

Then pouncing onto the stage, one of the mightiest LEOs himself, Steven J Hornung a fearless 10 year Lion King.

After that, the majestic, the pride of the lion, the soft like a kitten,his one and only DJ Deary Kay Tellame..

and then to close out with a thunderous ROAR, Leo Lover and purrfect closer for the night, Ryan Wells….

As always, beaumont will be selling ‘sexy all night long’
what will you be selling, your purr or your roar? Will you win the best 'Roar Competition' or do you have the best pounce in town.

Proceeds from this years Kissing Booth will be donated to Paws for a Cause. To learn more about signing up for the Booth and to get a chance to win 50% of the proceeds at that booth, write PM to The Beaumont Studios we'll get you in the know.

For the rest of my darling friends, Leo's or Not... Come with a LEO friend, Come dressed in honour of your Leo friends or any other crazy assed animal for that matter.
Tickets go on Sale tomorrow, get em early and only pay $15.00. get em late and pay $20.00 at the door. CLICK HERE

Leos will receive 1 complimentary drink with proof of ID. and honorary LEO's with the best efforts will get a drink too.

questions still? info@thebeaumontstudios.com

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festivus 2015.jpg

What started as an adventure, turned into a tradition and now has become legend. After 2yrs off the Festivus crew took stock, and with much consideration, relaunched in 2012 at a new home ... to high praise and acclaim from the 400 attendees.

Now situated at a private campground east of Osoyoos, up in the hills with our own private lake, Festivus offers a truly unique vibe and venue unlike any other small festival.

Although Festivus has changed with the sounds over the years, the core weight of the festival has and always will be HOUSE. We provide an environment warmth and unity exemplified by the genre, and couldn't be happier about it's recent return to dominance.

We're excited for year 11, as our new home has brought new enthusiastic attendees and seen the return of previous regular friends of Festivus. We are anticipating a fair increase in attendance this year, but as we've always promised, it will never exceed 1000. Bigger names and potential profits (something we've never seen) could never replace the intimate vibes at home feels we get from our Festi-family

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Always a great time sippin caesars and playing tunes on The Drive.

Woodhead at Recovery Room June 22 2015 by Woodhead on Mixcloud

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Catch my set 4:15am Sat morning Slay Bay.

Been to every Bass Coast and i must say... I am the most EXCITED for this year!

July 10-13, 2015 in Merritt, BC
TICKETS are moving quickly - Capacity 3000

Welcome to Bass Coast 2015. Join us for 4 days of innovative music, large scale art installations, workshops, yoga, camping, & community.

The festival site in the Nicola Valley has a distinct allure. Pitch your tent under a shady poplar tree and wade into the refreshing Coldwater River. The festival’s intimate setting ensures that you are close to the action: three stages with world class sound design by PK Sound, intriguing and illuminating workshops and over 50 original art installations.

Experience over 100 international and local artists, from NYC rapper Zebra Katz, to Berlin-based underground techno producer Kris Wadsworth, to the DJ/instrumental fusion of Vancouver’s own Funk Hunters.

Only 3000 people get into this musical wilderness. Don’t miss out. Tickets are available online and at select retailers.

This year’s musical lineup features:

Ardalan, Basic Soul Unit, Detroit Swindle, Dimond Saints, Doctor Jeep, El Papa Chango, EPROM, Fort Knox Five, G Jones, Grenier, HANNAH, J Kenzo, J.Phlip, Jacob Korn, Justin Martin, Kris Wadsworth, Longwalkshortdock, Mat the Alien, Om Unit, Sabo, Sam Binga, Sinistarr, Sister City, Smalltown DJS, The Funk Hunters, Tyler Stadius, Zebra Katz

Barisone, Blondtron n Waspy, Daega Sound, Danny Corn, Ekali, ESB, Goopsteppa, GREAZU$, Hoola Hoop, Isis Graham, JPOD the beat chef, Lion-S, Lorne B, Max Ulis, Michael Red, MiHKAL, Monolithium, Neighbour, Philthkids, Reva Devito, Ryan Wells, Sabota, Self Evident, Sergio Levels, Slope, Taal Mala, Tank Gyal & Mandai, The Librarian, Westerley, Willisist, Woodhead… & and over 50 more local luminaries

With performance art by:

House of La Douche, Julia Grace, Luciterra, Sofiah Thom, Subscura, Sweet Soul Burlesque

RIDE SHARE INFO: https://www.facebook.com/groups/265718810199490/

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Throwdown-in-awesome-town-Waldorf-June 28 2015.jpg

Warm up for one of my favorite festivals of the summer is this Sunday and it's outdoors. Get your helmet on.

Festivus Music Festival & The Citizens of Awesome Town present ...
Throwdown in Awesometown ....Festivus official pre party at the historic Waldorf. Patio Party!!

Pre sale tickets are only $10 online...$15 at the door


A huge line up of Festivus favorites will be throwing down one on one in an all out house shootout! i
Expect lots of sunshine, ticket and swag giveaways, and the release of our new apparel line.

We have some special surprises in store for this event, so come out and support the best small festival anywhere!

Dont Be Shitty!

Featuring Festivus All Stars

THAT featuring Andy Clockwork + Patrick Kelly
Ryan Wells
Clinical Trials
Ingrid Hakanson
Ollie Ple
Tre Funk
Alex Mei
Norrie Taylor
Mike Arnold

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I'll be dropping all vinyl sets 5-6pm on Main St. and 7-8pm in Yaletown. See you all on the streets!

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Here comes my favorite LLW of the year. Doing it up for Canada Eh!

Intimate Productions presents Legendary Long Weekend :: #CanadaDayCrasher At The Waldorf | Tuesday June 30th

We ♥ Canada and each year we celebrate this amazing nation by throwing a very special edition of LLW: The Canada Day Crasher. This year is no exception as we take over the fabulous The Waldorf for a proper celebration with an all Canadian line-up. With BC DJ heroes Woodhead, K-Tel, Red Bull Thre3tyle Champion Nick Bike, the amazing Some Kind of Music Blog crew and many more in 3 rooms, there will be quality music to enjoy for all your friends. Show your pride for Canada and dress in white & red from head to toe and get in 1/2 price!

TABU Room | (house)
Woodhead * K-Tel * D.Jon * Alex Mei
Visuals by Vj Electra Belle : www.facebook.com/dvjelectrabelle

TIKI Room | (disco / funk / classic house)
presented by Paradise City
Nick Bike * Abasi + Glyn * Inkster
Visuals by Lighthead Visuals

HIDEAWAY | (deep / dark / minimal)
presented by Some Kind Of Music Blog
Joel West (Groundwerk) * Zarfan (VAL) * Jennifer Bass (Night Vision)
Visual Art by Tim Rolls

#LLW #CanadaDayCrasher

3 Rooms | 3 Sounds | 1 Killer Party

Advance Tickets $12/$15 | More Door
Online: www.intimateproductions.com
Also available in store at:
Beat Street Records [439 W. Hastings] : (604.683.3344)
Zulu Records [1972 W. 4th] : (604.738.3232)
Red Cat Records [4332 Main St.] : (604.708-9422)

Doors 10pm | 19+

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BC Mobile Sauna Society

The BCMSS is a sauna society based in Vancouver, BC. We host sauna sessions and operate our mobile saunas.

Also view a gallery of
lots of other mobile saunas and a Mobile Sauna book!

BCMSS is a community supported wellness project, we depend on your contributions.
Make a contribution to the BC Mobile Sauna Society