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Playing music upstairs in the projection Room with Neighbour

Trans American Sounds is a new night with the focus of showcasing the best of Continental America’s underground electronic music. This session will focus on talent from Mexico, US and Canada.



Damián Romero
(Mutek, Mexico/Mayan Warrior)

Container (R.I/ Live P.A)

Nervous Operator (Live P.A)

Ashlee Luk (Bodyheat/ //zoo/ LIE)

NAP (Daniel R/ Live P.A)

Ultimate Lover (Italo Heartbreaker)


Neighbour + Woodhead (Homebreakin Records)



About The Artists:

(Mutek, Mexico/Mayan Warrior)
Damian Romero is a busy man. Known throughout North America and Europe as a prized DJ, producer and creative director, he has made a name for himself in Mexico City producing high quality cultural events like MUTEK MX, the international festival of digital creativity & electronic music, reBERV experimental rock sessions with Vice, and many others. At nights he only DJs Mexico City’s more sought out after parties and heads M.N. Roy’s programming— considered by many to be one of the best underground clubs in the world. He is also one of the music curators and resident DJs at MAYAN WARRIOR (Burning Man), which is a collaborative group of artists, builders, photographers, designers, technologists, architects and musicians from Mexico City and Northern California. The man behind MUTEK MX, which celebrated its eleventh edition last year, is known to always deliver edgy, avant-garde and forward thinking aesthetics, no matter what he does. So expect nothing less….

(R.I/ Live P.A)
Container is the musical project of Ren Schofield.Heavy and hypnotic in its crunching power, the Container project is a rhythmic tour de force: a constant, menacing display built from cassette tapes and analogue synths. Schofield's an outsider creating his own path, and Container maintains a glued-at-the-seams feel even when his fusion of noise and dance is perfect.


About the Fox Cabaret
Located in the heart of Mt. Pleasant, The Fox Cabaret is a nightclub and performance space which provides a platform for the best of independent culture Vancouver. An almost 40-year-neighborhood fixture, the Fox has been home to a cult cinema, an indian movie house and was the last 35mm adult theatre in North America. Relaunched in 2013 by the Arrival Agency, the Fox has been reborn as a cultural space with a commitment to high quality, music, art, performance, entertainment and fun.

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